Our Vision

Health Recovery Solutions is a company with deeply ingrained values centered on the belief that the most effective health care is simple and uncomplicated. We believe that outpatient hospital care is as vital as inpatient hospital care, and plan to utilize medical education, incentives, digital tools, engagement and consistency to motivate behavioral changes in our patients to live a healthy and responsible life style.

  • Care for the most complex patients affordably
  • Help nurses be more efficient
  • Leverage family members in the care process
  • Provide the most advanced monitoring possible


Reduce your readmissions and prevent future medicare penalties, all while increasing patient engagement and quality of care.

With hospitals losing as much as 3% of their total Medicare yearly reimbursement, now is the time to take control of excess readmissions. Further consider that nationally, each emergency room visit and readmission costs providers an average of $1,300 and $13,000, respectively, and you’ll begin to realize why hospitals are turning to HRS for help. Our patented software and predictive analytics work to notify care providers of patient medical complications before they happen. Click on the 'Check My Penalty' option below to learn more ways HRS can help you hospital reduce readmissions and improve patient care.

Learn how we can help your Hospital system improve outpatient care.

Check your Hospital's Medicare penalty and contact us for ways to reduce it.

Home Health

Increase workflow efficiency and improve patient care with streamlined remote monitoring capabilities, reducing costs and telemonitoring FTEs. With the HRS platform in a patient's home vitals are transmitted real time directly to the people that need them most. Learn how HRS can help remotely monitor the most high risk patients.

And with intuitive, award-winning software that’s customizable to a wide array of medical conditions, HRS has a solution to help remotely monitor high-risk patients of all ages. Click here to learn more and join the ever-growing list of Home Health agencies that are partnering with HRS.

Insurance Companies / ACOs

Prevent costly ER visits, excess readmissions and bring money to the bottom line. With HRS’ help, ACOs and Insurance companies are learning how to manage bundled payments, monitor their PMPM, and take advantage of value based purchasing.

Position yourself strategically in the marketplace and separate yourself from the competition with HRS’s innovative tablet solution. Click here to learn more.